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The ABC's of Grading Beef
by David Ross on 

Many customers are interested in knowing why our burgers are so great!  The secret is in the quality of the beef.  Most restaurant operators use "select" in the lower-priced dining establishments and "choice" in the average to higher priced places. Choice has three sub grades - low, average and high.  Low choice is the most popular product sold in restaurants, supermarkets and butcher shops.

Prime is the highest grade and surprisingly, makes up only 2% of the beef raised in the US.  It is tastier, but much more expensive.  DR. DAWG  burgers are 100% prime grade, never frozen, no preservatives or antibiotics--EVER!  Niman Ranch delivers a propietary blend that has our customers addicted.  Your taste buds know the difference and so does your body when you eat food of quality.  We are indeed a rare breed.  

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